Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

We made it to the Stations of the Cross service at noon on Friday, and went to mass at 7am yesterday.  It always amazes me to see how crowded the church is at Christmas and Easter - it's more than a little sad that so many people think those are the only times they need to attend services.  I am so renewed by the Sunday mass that I hate to miss a week (though I do on occasion); I truly don't understand why people would go to church twice a year.  Why bother going at all? 

Anyhow, we had a blessed weekend and I hope your family did too.  My children finished off their Easter candy after breakfast this morning, so hopefully the sugar buzz will wear off soon :) 

We are headed to the Children's Museum this morning with some friends.  I love Atlanta's Children's Museum, it's so much fun!  I've heard that the one in Chattanooga is even better, one of these days we will have to make a day trip to Tennessee to see that and the Tennessee Aquarium. 

Tomorrow night is my second info meeting for my new CC group - I'm nervous and excited, and hoping for a decent turnout.  I'll write more about that tomorrow.

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  1. Good luck with your meeting. Hope you write about it. Blessed Easter season.