Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today I got an email from a woman who was enrolled in another local CC community this year telling me she's going to switch to my community this coming fall!  She had come to an information meeting a few weeks ago, so I knew she was considering it - but I also know how difficult it can be to make a change like that, especially when you (and your children) have developed friendships in the other community.  However, the church where my CC will be meeting is literally in her backyard, so I was hopeful that she'd make the jump - and I'm thrilled that she has!

When she came to the info meeting, she brought one of her neighbors as well, and that woman was clear that she wanted to enroll her daughter in my CC - but she had to run the numbers by her husband before she could give me a check for registration, which I completely understood.  Today, the first woman (let's call her R) must have called or emailed the neighbor (let's call her K) when she made her decision, because we were at Homeschool Soccer this afternoon when K came running up to me and said, "I heard your community is filling up!  Do I need to give you a check right now?"  I had to laugh, because R is really the first person to officially let me know she's going to be in my group this fall, so I'm guessing she heard from my Challenge A director that we'd had a good info meeting on Tuesday night and taken that to mean that people were signing up in droves.

We did have a good meeting on Tuesday, though - four moms came, two who had let me know beforehand to expect them and two who had seen my postings on local homeschool message boards.  All four of them seemed very interested, and hopefully all of them will decide to enroll with us soon!  Our next info meeting is in two weeks, and I'm hoping for another good turnout then.  My Challenge A director is planning to come to Homeschool Soccer next week and hand out flyers, hopefully that will inspire more people to come learn about CC!

If you're not familiar with CC, you're probably wondering what Challenge A is and why there's another director.  I will be directing the Foundations and Essentials programs, which is designed for children ages four to eleven and essentially constitutes K4 through 6th grade.  Challenge is CC's 7th through 12th grade program, with Challenge A & B roughly the equivalent of 7th and 8th grade and Challenge I, II, III, & IV being grades 9 through 12.  I would probably not have considered homeschooling through high school before I learned about the Challenge program - knowing what I know now, I can confidently say that (God willing) we will homeschool our children until they go off to college!  Anyhow, each Challenge level has its own director, and that director is also the tutor for that group of students.  (In contrast, I will be director for up to eight Foundations classes and as many Essentials classes as we need - but I will not likely tutor, unless we are absolutely unable to find enough moms who want to tutor to offset tuition costs.) 

I've had a very exciting day :)  I know it's just a start, but I'm so hopeful that great things will happen with this new community!  Now I need to pray for families for Challenge A.  I love my Challenge A director, and she needs at least four students to have a program; so far the only one she has enrolled is her own son. 

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  1. sounds like an exciting year is in store for you! I am wishing you great success this year!