Friday, September 28, 2012


How is it possible that September is nearly over, and I haven't managed to write a single blog entry in over a month?!  I suppose it's a combination of business and a general lack of inspiration.  Anyhow, here's a brief summary of what we've been up to this month:

  • First, the bad: about three weeks ago, I had a motorcycle accident.  I was riding home from a parent orientation meeting for one of our homeschool co-ops and someone tried to turn left in front of me.  I couldn't stop, and hit her and was thrown from the bike.  Miraculously, I walked away with nothing more than some nasty bruises, but the bike was totaled.  I felt incredibly blessed, particularly by the witnesses who stopped and stayed with me, calling 911 and waiting til the firemen and police showed up.  Everyone (including the other driver) recognized that the accident was not my fault, and my insurance company has taken excellent care of me; now we just need to wait for them to recover my deductible from the other driver's insurance company.  And yes, I'm still riding, but I'm a little leery at night (especially at intersections)!  
  • Now, the good - school is going very, very well.  We've stuck to our schedule this year, which includes not only Classical Conversations on Thursdays but a fine arts co-op on Tuesdays, as well as piano lessons and Tae Kwon Do.  (The kids are doing great at TKD - they're testing for their yellow belts in a few weeks, and I'm testing for my orange belt at the same time.)  I'm very happy with all the curriculum I selected for this year, though I'm thinking of adding a more rigorous reading program for my son; I got The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Reading from the library this week, because I read online that it can be a great follow-up for people who used Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons (which I did for both my kids).
  • Yesterday my husband and I celebrated nine years of marriage!  We're having date night tonight, I think we're going out for sushi and possibly to see a movie if there's anything decent showing.
  • Next weekend, I'm going to Miami for my 20th high school reunion.  It doesn't seem possible that it's been twenty years!  In preparation, and also because my husband and I decided it's time for us to get in better shape, we started the South Beach Diet.  I really miss carbs (especially bread - sigh), but I've lost 14 lbs. so far!  Now if I could just get motivated to exercise on a regular basis... TKD does count, but that's only once or twice a week.  Anyhow, the reunion weekend is going to be great fun - DH didn't want to go, so he's staying home with the kids, and I'm going to spend the weekend hanging out with my best friend who is flying in from San Diego!  I'm quite excited, and I bought a fabulous dress to wear to the actual reunion Saturday night.  (It was on sale at Kohl's, so I don't feel too bad about indulging.)
  • Speaking of indulging, we've been so busy with school and activities that cleaning house fell completely by the wayside.  After some discussion with DH, we agreed that we can afford to have a maid service come in biweekly to help me out.  It's been a tremendous help, and has eased my feelings of being overwhelmed.  I do feel a little guilty, as I feel that a stay at home mom should be able to take care of the house - but the truth is I do work the equivalent of a full-time job, between schooling the kids, volunteering at church, etc.  (Did I mention that I'm now tutoring the Masters Class for our CC group?  I'll write more about that later, I'm sure.) Also, we paid off my car this spring, so we did have a little wiggle room in the budget, and DH doesn't think I should feel guilty at all.
 So that's pretty much everything.  Right now, I'm using my favorite CC tool to review the kids' memory work - it's available through CC connected, and looks fabulous on my iPad:

This week, my brilliant husband showed me how to "mirror" it from the iPad onto our television, and the kids love doing their CC review in the living room on the big tv!  The Geography portion is especially helpful, since the maps are quite detailed this year; and the Science section is great too, particularly Weeks 3 & 4 where they memorized the parts of animal cells and plant cells.

Review is almost over, time to get on with our school day!  I'll try not to let so much time lapse before my next blog entry.


  1. So glad to hear you are OK! Thanking your guardian angels.

  2. Okay, so just found your blog and am starting to peak around. It is our first year of CC. How did you mirror the iPad onto the television. I have never used our iPads (we each have one) for CC. This sounds great.

    So sorry to hear about your accident and glad you are healing. Blessings, Laura

  3. Congratulations to you and your husband's ninth anniversary! It looks like September has been a really busy month for you. Sorry to hear you've had an accident. I'm glad you didn't suffer anything major, and more importantly, you're going to get the compensation you deserve, especially since it wasn't your fault. People can have a hard time trying to get the justice they deserve in accidents such as these, and this is why it's important to have a lawyer who specializes in personal injury when something like this happens.

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  4. Accidents can happen when you least expect it, so it's better to be prepared once you hit the road. Drive responsibly. Distance yourself from reckless drivers. After an accident, stay calm and call your lawyers for help. They'll handle every detail of the accident while you're resting at home. :)

  5. Hi, I found your blog when I was researching Classical Conversations. I'm wondering how it's going? I'm also Catholic and considering using it, but I want to make sure there is nothing in it that is Anti-Catholic.