Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I fail at blogging.  I either blog every single day and spend so much time reading other blogs that I ignore other things that I really should be spending time on, like cleaning my house, or else I completely neglect it and end up writing once or twice a month.  My current goal is to post at least twice a week (but not so much that I forget to feed the kids), let's see if I can maintain a reasonable pace this year!

We officially started school on Monday.  It's going very well so far!  I'm easing into it this year - we're working on handwriting and reading a lot of books at present.  CC starts on Thursday, so we'll get into more academic subjects after that. 

I bought myself The Ultimate Homeschool Planner and I'm so glad I did.  I have so much to keep track of this year, between parish religion classes, CC, Tae Kwon Do, piano lessons, Cub scouts, and all our other activities - it's great to have such a tremendous tool to keep me organized.

Hopefully having weekly planning sessions will prevent me from getting behind, as I did last spring, and then having to rush to catch up.  I'm especially hoping to avoid that since this is the first year I have to report attendance to the state, now that my little boy is in first grade!

I'm debating reading The Hobbit aloud to my kids this fall, in preparation for the upcoming movie. I know they are a little young for this kind of thing, but I distinctly remember going to see Star Wars in the theater with my dad and one of my brothers when I wasn't much older than they are, and I'd love for them to see an epic movie like that in the theaters. Maybe I'll start reading a chapter a day and just seeing if it holds their interest - it might be too far over their heads!

It does feel nice to be back in the school routine - it gives our days a sense of purpose that we were lacking over the summer. 

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  1. My husband is currently reading The Hobbit to my crew at bedtime. He tried it before about five years ago and it went okay considering how young they were, but they're loving it now. They're ages 9,8,6 and 4 and only the four year old doesn't really dig it. And BTW the hubby doesn't start reading until after the baby is in bed. You'll have to post how it goes if you start reading it to your kids.