Saturday, May 26, 2012

God is good!

We returned from our two-week jaunt to Florida on Tuesday, and I had an info meeting on Wednesday night for my CC group.  It was more than a little disheartening when, despite my best efforts to promote the meeting to every group and contact I know, no one showed up for the meeting.  My friend D, who is hoping to tutor Challenge A at my location, and I sat and discussed the future of the group, and it truly seemed that it might be best to just give up and either reabsorb into one of the existing groups or possibly even consider something other than CC. 

I left the meeting location feeling sad an confused, and decided to go to Adoration to see if I could discern God's will for me in this endeavor.  I arrived at my church at 7pm, and happened upon the Marian hour - so I was able to say the rosary with about ten other parishioners, and then stayed on for a bit of silent prayer after that.  I asked God to make it very clear to me how I should proceed; I needed a sign, something to point me in one direction or the other, to let me know if I should give up hope or continue working to build my new community.

Driving home, I thought about all the reasons I'd come to choose CC in the first place, and I felt assured that I do not need to pursue another curriculum choice. That left two options: I could either pursue the development of my new group, or join another of the existing groups in my area.  I was a little sad to think I could probably not secure a place for my family in my old group, as they are completely full for the upcoming year, but there are two other groups not far from me who would be glad to have me.

I continued to pray and wait for God to show me how to proceed, and yesterday I got a very unexpected phone call - one of the families I'd spoken with, but didn't expect to enroll, called me out of the blue to tell me they've decided to enroll with my group for the coming year.  I was ecstatic! 

So yes, God is good, and he truly does answer prayers. I am feeling very blessed right now, and more assured than ever that my new group will indeed get off the ground.  We don't need to be huge to start, and I might actually be in the hole a little bit given all the costs associated with starting the new group (insurance, location fees, etc.), but I truly think this is what I am meant to do and the Lord will bless this endeavor.


  1. Yes, God is good! I'll say a prayer for your endeavors.

  2. Oh, boy! Hang in there! God will indeed bless your endeavors! Philippians 4:13.