Friday, March 30, 2012


I really do want to blog about CC, and I will - but first I just have to write about the craziness of the past two days.  Wednesday night was my first official info meeting for my new CC community, and it was great!  I was so afraid that no one would show up, but we had five interested families attend and hopefully at least three of them will be enrolling with us in the fall.  I also had two web inquiries (generated from Classical Conversations' website), so hopefully they'll pan out as well.  It's exciting to watch this community begin to take shape!

Yesterday, however, was just complete insanity.  We literally had back-to-back activities all day long. At 9:30am, we started our day at our current CC community for our 23rd week of classes - for those of you that aren't familiar with CC, it runs for 12 weeks in the fall and 12 weeks in the spring, so we only have one week left in the current year.  The kids can sense that the end of the year is coming, plus the weather is really beautiful right now, so the energy level is intense!

CC ended at 12:30, and usually we would stay for lunch - but we had to be at the soccer fields for Homeschool Soccer at 1pm, so instead I hustled the kids into the car, put on their soccer gear, and fed everyone peanut butter sandwiches while driving to the field.  Soccer lasts until 3pm.  This is the first year we've done Homeschool Soccer, and I'm incredibly impressed with it so far!  It's so well-organized, and it's nice to have an activity that both kids can do at the same time so I don't have to keep one entertained while the other is in a class, lesson, etc.

After soccer, I had an appointment to meet with one of the pastors at the church where my CC community will be meeting this fall to review a draft of the agreement I'll be signing allowing us to use their facility.  Fortunately that didn't take too long, he handed me the agreement and we reviewed it quickly, and he asked me to email him some additional information before we meet next week to sign the final agreement.  Finding a location is the most difficult part of establishing a new CC community, so I feel really blessed to have found one close to my home that has an ideal amount of classrooms and is willing to let us use it for a reasonable fee!

We actually had a little bit of free time after this, so we headed home for a bit - but not too long, as we needed to be at Tae Kwan Do at 4:15pm.  So at 4pm, we were back in the car and heading for the dojo.  My kids are fairly young, so they take a beginner's class designed for kids ages 3-5; it's only half an hour long, and integrates some basic kicks and punches while teaching them about stranger danger.

You'd think our day would be done after that, but no!  In addition to CC, we participate in a Catholic homeschool co-op where the kids take art, music and drama classes, and last night was their semi-annual Presentation Night.  We got home just after 5pm, and I rushed both kids into the shower, got them dressed, and blow-dried my little girl's hair - and then it was back into the car at 5:30pm so we could be at the church for Presentation Night by 6pm.  My husband met us there, since the church is about halfway between his office and our home.

Presentation Night was a smashing success!  We got to see all the artwork the kids have worked on for the past ten weeks, and then they performed three songs and some skits they'd practiced with their fabulous music and drama teachers.  I've been wondering if we'd have to drop out of this co-op in the fall, since I'll be so busy directing my new CC community - but I hope we can still continue to do both, since we've made lots of good friends and had such a great time doing classes and field trips with this group during that past two years.

It was 8pm when we finally were able to head home, and 9pm before the kids were finally in bed.  Needless to say I was thoroughly exhausted!  But it was an amazing day, and I dare anyone to tell me my kids aren't getting enough socialization after hearing about days like this!

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